Ubuntu 9.10

I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) server edition on the music server and managed to get Squeezebox Server, as it’s now known, installed. I found this excellent guide:

Ubuntu Squeezebox Guide

I tried stable main (7.4.0) but it didn’t work due to some database conflict but testing main (7.4.2) worked. It looks good, although I’ve got no tunes in it yet as I have no idea how to create the disk space and make it visible from my Windows 7 computer. I know it will involve samba, which I have installed. On ClarkConnect, I could get a visual display of the server from the web browser with the included GUI or with Webmin, but Webmin is not available by default on Ubuntu and seemingly it can mess up one’s config files?

I’ve posted on ubuntuforums.org for some answers and hopefully will hear soon. It would be so nice to get this fixed up before leaving on Sunday and get the bits of computer cleared up off the floor and desk finally after three months. I miss my music server!