Vox is shut

So my Vox blog is no more. I shifted all my data to Typepad, WordPress and Squarespace and now I don’t know where to go. None of them have the great features that Vox had. Although having said that, I wasn’t posting on Vox much anyway. Is Facebook filling the hole? Well, no, quite honestly. I should be writing proper posts. Okay, nobody will read them unless I can figure out a way of feeding whichever platform I choose into Facebook, but I write mainly for myself anyway. 

The main problem with Squarespace is that it didn’t suck in my tags, but it also didn’t update my links or shift audio assets. Typepad did shift the audio assets and tags, but the tags are useless as there’s no way of displaying them. WordPress is a good solution, and it’s free. Typepad also is free, but Squarespace is not. I did think that Squarespace would be a way of keeping my data safely under my own control, but at the end of the day it’s still a hosted third-party solution. With WordPress I’d have to do the maintenance myself, but I’m fairly comfortable with that as I have a few sites on the platform. 

It’s all meta stuff really, but I need to make the decision and stick with it so I can more forward. There’s no obvious solution.