Weekly Last.fm charts, featuring Salif Keita

Nice and early this week as I’m off to the USA on Wednesday for a week to jam with my buds.

Top Artists this Week (see more)

7 Oct 2007 – 14 Oct 2007
101The Image Doctors
52Pink Floyd
 3Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
15Led Zeppelin
 6Depeche Mode
 7The Beatles
 9Salif Keita
 10Arthur Askey

The Image Doctors is a podcast on photography and a very good one at that. I went back to the beginning and caught up today.

Nice to see some Floyd in the charts — I bought Ummagumma this week and have really enjoyed listening to it again. It’s years since I last listened to it and it really took me back.

Madonna helped me out on my weekly shopping trip when I was getting burned out on the Image Doctors (they’re quite dense sometimes with information). I’ve always enjoyed Madonna and thought that Confessions on the Dance Floor was one of her best yet. It absolutely hit the spot on my shopping trip.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are a great band too. I first heard them on the radio and bought the CD the same day.

As you’ll have seen if you follow my Vox, I’ve been having a bit of a Led Zep festival this last week and am blown away once again by how good they were. I expect the festival to continue.

I also should have a wee Pixies festival too at some point. Man were they a good band.

Salif Keita is a musician from Mali and his album Moffou is tremendously addictive. I first heard his music through a tape tree, which is something I used to do a lot and got into a load of music through doing that.

The Beatles and Arthur Askey made their way into the charts because they’re on Freya’s playlist that we listen to in the car.

Unfortunatley, after a week of iPod scrobbling working, it’s gone on the fritz again so I guess that last.fm will never learn about the tunes that I listen to when I’m off on my travels next week. It really is a shame that they can’t get it fixed so that it works properly.

Anyway, enjoy the tuneage.