Weekly last.fm charts and Pat Walsh

Better get this week’s charts posted before the new ones come out tomorrow. And sorry to the last.fm group for bombarding the group. I just discovered the group and so linked all my weekly chart postings to the group and they all appeared in my RSS feed so apologies for that. From now on it’s once a week only!

Top Artists this Week (see more)

21 Oct 2007 – 28 Oct 2007
 1Elvis Costello
 2Pat Walsh
 4Anne Stephens
 4Clive Dunn
 4Henry Hall
 4Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte
 4Mandy Miller
 4Terry Scott
 4Alex Lindsay

So it was a big Costello week. Well, two days actually. That was because I discovered Pat Walsh at the Little Brother jam I went to near Atlanta and Elvis Costello is an influence of his. Pat’s performances were great and he’s a nice chap too. I’m glad I met him and I’m awaiting delivery of an EP from him with the chords to my favourite of his songs, Umbrella Birds. He has a British sound to his songs which I find very appealing.

All other tracks are either podcasts or from All Aboard, my daughter’s favourite tuneage for in the car listening. I’m rather glad to have found it actually as it was my first music as a kid too. This week’s favourites have been Two Little Boys and the Runaway Train so you can expect Rolf Harris to show up in next week’s charts!

Here’s a Pat Walsh tune for your enjoyment.

That’s Why He Sleeps At Night